Why recruit from the military?

Forward Assist Recruitment specialises in the recruitment of ex-forces personnel. Our candidate pool is made up from ex- Army, Navy, RAF and Reservists personnel. We represent a combination of those who have recently left the forces and those who left some time ago and have worked in "civvy street" for a number of years.

Why recruit from the military talent pool?

Leadership - Veterans know that leadership is all about behavior because ‘you lead by example’. They know that great leaders balance the team, the task and the individual taking responsibility for mistakes and working to generate trust between them and their team.

Adaptability - The modern battlefield is described as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan had to be able to fight, deliver aid and train a foreign force all within a small area. The environment was fluid and challenging. But that’s exactly what the world of today looks like.

Decisiveness - Veterans are used to making decisions and taking responsibility for the outcome if it goes wrong. If it goes right, they pass the credit on to the team knowing that it will generate trust.

Determination - Organisations want people who are resilient, won’t give up and can handle pressure. They want people who are able to ‘reframe negative experiences’ in order to create opportunities for growth. Who is more resilient than someone who has been to war?

Planning - Veterans are used to making plans and then anticipating what might go wrong so that they can mitigate the risks. They do this so instinctively that often they don’t realise that this is a skill. They hope for the best but prepare for the worst. It’s embedded into how they think and they will bring that planning discipline to your organisation.

Integrity - Veterans are trained to think about ethics and morality. Veterans understand the value of integrity and trust. They are expected to challenge themselves with the question, ‘is this the right thing to do?’.

The specific nature of the group we work with, often means a brand-new set of potential employees who wouldn’t be available to the usual high street agencies. We work very proactively with many military groups to ensure we have a constant flow of service leavers with the right skills for the roles we work on.

We partner with our clients to understand their recruitment needs. We offer transparency, efficiency and flexibility. We strive to understand each individual's career achievements and future aspirations and we match these to our client requirements – without the need to compromise. Placing ex-forces personnel into permanent roles, we listen to your requirements, the qualifications, skills, culture, and utilise our extensive database, as well as sourcing candidates through specific websites and groups, we ensure we are speaking to the right people for your vacancy.