Forecast and Resource Planner MOD



Forecasting and Resource Planning (F&RP) is part of the Defence wide Support Transformation Programme and will introduce a process to optimise support to capability across 5 support levers; Inventory, Documentation, Test Equipment, Infrastructure and Manpower. The post holder will be responsible for working with other key stakeholders across Defence to develop the Activity Stacks, in terms of Equipment Available Days (EAD), for multiple platforms used within the Land Environment. The post holder will have to be able to convert data and information from training doctrine, planning tools and other sources across Defence into an Activity Stack, recording and gaining agreement to any assumptions used in the EAD Activity Stack generation. 

Key Areas of Responsibility

The post holder will be responsible for the following key activities:

  1. Work with other members of the Force Element Equipment Demand (FEED) Cell team to understand the Forecast and Resource Planning process and what constitutes an Activity Stack.
  2. Work with other key stakeholders from across Defence to understand the requirements, in terms of planned activity, for each platform and platform type. This will require the conversion / interpretation of training doctrine, planning tools and other data sources from across Defence into specific levels of planned activity.
  3. Produce initial Activity Stacks for a range of Land Environment platforms. Expected platforms (but not limited to); Protective Mobility (PM) platforms eg Foxhound, and  Operational Support  Platforms (OSVP) range eg  MAN SV. 
  4. Capture the planned Activity, in terms of EADS, across the following 4 Channels ; Contingency, Operations, Training and Trials for each platform and platform type, and produce a supporting MDAL.

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