Have a look at these simple questions that will help you along the way to filling out a CV that could help you make the transition.

1. Are any of your qualifications relevant?
Just because you've spent years working in one particular field, it doesn't mean that the qualifications you've picked up over the years won't be relevant to another one, highlight these on your CV, especially if you excelled in the area.
It's OK to go back further, such as A Levels as it could show your next employer that at least you have a basic grounding in the field you want to move into.

2. What are specific skills in your job that could be transferable to another industry?
Just because you want to change your career, doesn't mean there won't be something in your current job that will be relatively similar in a different industry. Make a list of the skills that you need to complete your current job, and take a look at those which could be transferred to those in the new one you want.
Don't be afraid to be creative in your descriptions, but don't stretch it too far!!

3. Does your current industry have a lot of "jargon" associated with it?
Bear in mind the language of your current industry when writing your CV – it can be easy to forget that if you've been around the same kind of people for years. Ask someone unconnected to take a look at your CV, if there's anything on there that they don't understand, you'll need to rewrite it in plain English, and, where possible, generalising your skills to another industry.

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